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Nov 3, 2016

This weeks guest is David Clark who lives in Lafayette, Colorado and has lost 160lbs. David has experienced the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows in life. David at one part of his life was homeless and at another was the owner of a 8 million dollar company. Eventually David became a 320lb alcoholic and drug addict and would drink an entire bottle of scotch and take 6 or 7 vicadins a night. He has since turned his life around and raced some of the hardest ultra-marathons around. His accomplishments including running badwater, leadville multiple times, running across the united states, and he is also the author of "Out there, A Story of Ultra-Recovery".

He is an incredible inspiration and I hope that you enjoy our conversation.

David's website -

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Oct 24, 2016
This weeks guest is Nalida Besson from Boston. Nailda came from a family of 12 and says that she was always the overweight one. She told me that as an adult her body was falling apart, she worried about dying young, and that “she didn’t want to be the cause of her own demise.” She has since lost 101lbs, is the smallest she has never been, and is loving life. 
Connect with Nalida at
Here is my conversation with Nalida and I hope that you enjoy it. 
Oct 20, 2016
This weeks guest is Felicia Ricks from Connecticut, and she has lost 206lbs. She said that before she lost the weight she was in pain, even doing the laundry would leave her out of breath, and she felt like a prisoner in her own mind. She says that she now has an abundance of energy, she’s invigorated, she's excited, and that her whole mentality has changed towards life. 
Here is my conversation with Felicia and I hope that you enjoy it. 
Oct 6, 2016

This weeks guest is Justin Lacy from Dexter, Missouri. At the beginning of 2015 Justin weighted 500lbs and has since lost over 200lbs. He said that he wad always been a big kid and at the age of 12 or 13 he was already reading diet books. Before he changed his life he said that he would goto McDonalds and get 4 McDoubles, 3 McChickens, fries, and a soda all on the way to get something else from another fast food place. In 2015 he made a promise to himself to change his life and become the healthiest person that he knew. One thing he said that really stood out to me was, “You have to love yourself enough to make a promise like that, that’s something that I probably never did before was love myself enough to care about myself."

Since we have talked Justin has lost an additional 25lbs and is now up to 225lbs lost.

Connect with Justin on FaceBook at

Here is my conversation with Justin and I hope that you enjoy it.

Sep 30, 2016

This weeks guest is Susan Farrell. Susan is a Cardiac Rehab Nurse from Macomb Township, Michigan. At one point Susan was in a wheelchair, on 26 medications, developed diabetes, and at one point was given less than 5 years to live. She says that she was depressed, anxiety ridden, and says that she was a science experiment with doctors throwing medications at her. Susan even says that she had about a year of her life that she doesn’t even remember. Since then she has lost 80lbs and is now helping others through through both her personal and professional work.  

Here is my conversation with Shannon and connect with her at

Sep 15, 2016
This weeks guest is Bobby Brennan. Bobby at his biggest weighed 503lbs and has lost 250lbs. He said that he woke up one day and said to him self, “If I don’t do something different I am going to die.” That same day one of his best friends approached him and said, “Everyone loves you, you gotta make a change, what can I do to help?”. Since then he has transformed his health and is feeling better than ever. 
Here is my conversation with Bobby and I hope that you enjoy it. 
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His Fat Guy Drinks Juice page can be found at
Watch his 1 min video at
Sep 8, 2016
This weeks guest is Susan Weinick from White Station, NJ. Susan said that she struggled with her weight since she was 5 years old. As a child would hide food in her room and had yoyo dieted for as long as she could remember. She said that she was the mom on the sidelines who watched her kids play but could never participate. Since then Susan has lost 215lbs and is now doing things that she never though imaginable. One thing that she said that I thought was great was this, “obesity is following me, it wants me back badly, and im not going back there"
Here is my conversation with Susan and I hope that you enjoy it. 
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Sep 1, 2016

This weeks guest is Brad London who lives in Mobile Alabama. Brad says that he is a proud member of Whole Foods Market. He previously weighed 230lbs and has lost over 75lbs. Brad says that he was fortunate to not be on any medications but knew that his health was headed that way. After having an opportunity through Whole Foods to do a week long immersion program with Dr. Joel Furhman, brad took his health back and now weighs 150lbs. We talk about his journey, his goals, and much more.

Here is my conversation with Brad and I hope that you enjoy it.

Aug 25, 2016

Shayda Soleymani is from California and previously weighed 240lbs. Shayda talks about how she had previously been on a ton of diets and at one point in time a doctor actually told her that, “it would take herculean efforts for you to ever lose weight and to maintain that weight loss”

Since then she has lost the weight, kept it off, and is even now been able to get off her diabetes and cholesterol medicine (which was much to her doctors surprise.

In talking about her life now she said, “I’m happy, i’m back to wearing light and bright colors, i’m back to being myself again. It’s just emotionally, mentally, physically, everything has changed. It’s just nice to be out of the dumps."

Here is my conversation with Shayda and I hope that you enjoy it.

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Aug 18, 2016
This weeks guest is Katie Linkhart from Carencro Louisiana. She is a speech pathologist and at her heaviest was 338lbs. Katie and I talk about being teased as a child, her unhealthy relationship with food, and her amazing transformation that led her to lose 156lbs. 
One piece of advice that Katie had for others, which I loved was this. "Every day is a new day. Everyday that you do something towards your fitness or your health, whether its a good eating decision or taking a walk, that's one step closer to your goal. Don’t give up because you are stronger than what you think, and you are worth it."
One of Katie’s motivating factors in losing weight was that she and her husband wanted to start a family and that she knew her weight would be an issue. I am happy to say that since our interview Katie and her husband have announced that they are expecting twins! Congrats Katie on all of your hard work and on your pregnancy!
Here is my conversation with Katie and I hope that you enjoy it. 
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Aug 7, 2016

This weeks guest is the inspiring Marcus Cook from Houston Texas. Marcus was previously 489lbs and has lost 211lbs. He is now a triathlete and is now training for his first 1/2 ironman. We talk about his journey, the importance of having people around you who will encourage you, and how he always has a goal set in front of him. Thanks so much for listening and I hope that you enjoy our conversation

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Follow his BIG TO LITTLE journey at

Jul 29, 2016
Anthony Masiello is from New Jersey and has lost 160lbs. 
At the age of 33 Anthony found himself at 360lbs, on high blood pressure medicine, and unable to get a 20 year life insurance policy. Anthony said that he didn’t want to spend his life being a bystander. Since then he has completely changed his life around and I hope that you enjoy our conversation about his journey. 
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Jul 22, 2016

This weeks guest is Kim Capella who has lost 65lbs. Kim is a food blogger from Atlanta Georgia and has a great blog that can be found at We talk about her struggles and triumphs with an eating disorder, depression, and so much more. One piece of advice that Kim had for others that I really enjoyed was this. " make sure that your goals for weight loss are coming from a good place and that you are truly trying to care for yourself, your future, and give yourself something good.” Thanks so much for listening and here is our conversation.

Connect with Kim at

Jul 14, 2016

Josh Howard is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has lost 269lbs!

We talk about his weight loss surgery, skin removal surgery, and so much more. One of my favorite things that Josh said was this: “For me it was all about future. It was I wanted a great job, I want to have a smoking hot wife, and kids. And I want to be able to see my kids."

Thanks so much for listening and connect with josh at

Jun 30, 2016

This weeks guest is Dave Wiskowski who has lost 80lbs. Dave struggled with depression and by the time he was 34 years old, he had settled into a sedentary lifestyle. Since then he has become a competitive runner. Dave said that the things that he felt in one run far exceeded 5 years of therapy. As I am posting this Dave is about to help someone run from California to New York to break a Guinness World Record, as well as raise money and awareness for the organization Mighty Milers which gets kids moving and helps prevent obesity and illness. We talk about this and much more and thanks for listening.

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Jun 23, 2016

Heather Cullen is from Portland Oregon who has lost 234lbs. Heather says that she went on her first diet when she was 11 years old. At the age of 40 she remembers sitting in a doctors office and reading that for someone at her bmi the her life expectancy was 45 years old. Since then she has made an amazing transformation and I hope that you enjoy our conversation.

Jun 16, 2016

This weeks guest is Chef AJ who is an author, tv host, and chef who has lost over 60lbs. Chef AJ said that she was obese since the age of 5 and by the time she was 11 she weighted 160lbs. We talk about her struggles with anorexia, bulimia, her journey of recovery with food addiction. She now runs an amazing weight loss program to helps others which we also talk about.

Connect with Chef AJ at

Jun 9, 2016

David Roden has has lost over 175lbs. At his biggest he weighed over 410lbs, would drink 15-20 diet cokes a day and estimates that he was eating 8-10k calories a day. We talk the people that helped him along the way, his struggles with depression, and about the two skin removal surgeries that he has had. 

Connect with David at and

Jun 3, 2016

Debi Van Dyne is from is from upstate New York and is in the middle of her weight loss journey. She has lost over 55lbs, and is looking to loose another 120lbs.

We have a great conversation about her journey, where she is currently at, and where she is headed.

Connect with Debi at

May 27, 2016

Josh LaJaunie is from Thibodaux Louisiana, has lost over 200lbs, and now is a competitive ultra distance athlete.

We talk about his recent races, his everyday struggles, and so much more.

Connect with Josh at his website and FaceBook at

May 19, 2016
Joe Bernstein lives in Washington, DC and has lost 160lbs in the last 10 years. One of the things that stuck out to me in our conversation that Joe said was this, "I remember being an adolescent thinking i’ll always be obese probably will never have success in dating or relationship, probably won’t get married… I used to joke about that I would probably die in my 40s."

Connect with Joe at or
May 12, 2016
Dave Willits lives in Waterford, Michgan and has lost 40lbs. Even after his weight loss he had a life altering (and almost ending) heart attack which had him flat line 3 times in the hospital. Dave says that from everything he has researched and been told, that he had about a 5% chance of living. Since then he has changed up his diet and is eating to keep his heart healthy and to be around for a bit longer...
Connect with Dave at
May 5, 2016

Josh Cox weighed 265lbs at the age of 14. He struggled with eating disorders, cutting, and bullies. After a life altering event as a Freshman in high school Josh decided to take control of his health, loose his excess weight, and went on to become a competitive bodybuilder. Josh now is a personal trainer in Santa Rosa California

Josh's website is and connect with him on FaceBook at

Apr 27, 2016

Walter Juarez is originally from Argentina and now lives in New Jersey. Less than a year ago he almost drowned in a pool due to his excessive weight. Since then Walter has lost over 100lbs and now swims a half a mile each day.

Connect with Water on FaceBook at

Apr 21, 2016
Adam Sud is originally from Texas. He  was addicted to adderall and fast food, and since has lost 140lbs.
When I asked Adam about his rock bottom moment, he said this. “My addiction had gotten to a point where I existed primarily in my apartment. My life was about how do I get more drugs, if I don’t have it I’ll go get fast food and eat myself into a food coma and then sleep for however many days until I could get more drugs” Since then Adam has turned his life and health around and now works with others in recovery.

Connect with Adam on facebook at and through his website at

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